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Future Technology has been created in the market of Saudi Arabia in order to support the market and feed the latest technology to ensure the direct contact between the Saudi Market and the latest technology in the World. We are touching a wide range of applications: Training Systems and lab. Equipment ( Electrical/ Electronic Teaching labs, Communication lab, Physics lab, Mechatronics & Automation, Chemical Engineering , Environment), Laboratory Testing Equipment ( Automotive Spare Parts Testing lab., Gemstones Testing lab., Toys Testing lab., …). Automotive Testing Equipment, Pneumatic/Hydraulic Testing & Teaching Equipment , Electronic/ Electrical Testing Equipment, Small Portable testers,…
Additionally, we can supply any customer’s demands and requirements Just by contacting us and send the need. We are located in Riyadh the capital city of Saudi Arabia where the major portion of the business is initiated. We are not a Manufacturer. So, what we are showing in our webpage is the products which we sell through our suppliers and the property belongs to the manufacturer. Our contact address is shown under contact in the website. .